Mobile Caravan Servicing

Since 1987, Caravan Tech has offered a highly efficient and convenient mobile caravan service for East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.

Mobile Caravan Servicing and Motorhome Servicing available in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent. Our expert mobile caravan engineer John can come straight to your door or storage facility to give advice and to fully service your caravan with our fully equipped mobile unit!

Due to the immense popularity of this service, John is always booked up for months in advance, so booking early is a necessity. Either call us on 01580 860260 or email and John will get back to you as soon as he can to make arrangements.

Please note John is not able to perform warranty work on the road, as this must be done at our workshop.


Our Part 1 Caravan Chassis Service includes corner steadies, chassis members, a check and adjusting of hitch, damper and handbrake, a check of the tyres, brakes and oiling and greasing of moving parts.

  • Corner Steadies - Operation checked, lubricated.
  • Chassis Members - Inspected
  • Check and adjust hitch and damper/Adjust handbrake.
  • Wheels/Tyres - Check condition and pressures.
  • Brakes/Bearings - Remove hubs, clean and lubricate, brake shoes replaced where required.
  • Oil and grease moving parts.


Our Part 2 Electrical Service includes a check and test of the plugs and cables, lights and 240V and 12V installation. Part 2 also includes water system checks, gas appliances checks and damp checks. This Part 2 service can be combined with Part 1 to give a Full Service of your caravan or motorhome.

  • Plugs/Cables - Check and Test
  • Lights - Test
  • 240V Installation - Circuit breakers, cable and sockets checked.
  • 12V Installation - Fuse boards, lights and charger (where applicable) checked.

Water systems

  • The water system, taps, pipes and filters are checked, and the water filter renewed.

Gas appliances

  • Refrigerator - remove and service.
  • Heater - ignition and operation checked.
  • Oven/grill and hob - operation tested.
  • Gas system - gas leak check and check pipes.


  • Damp check - to national caravan council guidelines.
  • Check seals.

Servicing price guide:

  • Full service (parts 1 & 2) for single axle caravan: £240.00, plus VAT.
  • Full service (parts 1 & 2) for twin axle caravan: £280.00, plus VAT.
  • Motorhome habitation service: £180.00, plus VAT.
  • Mobile call out charge: £65.00, plus VAT (includes 1/2 hour labour).

Please visit our contact us page to get in touch with a member of the team for more details including booking and availability.

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