Caravan & Motorhome Body Repairs

Our specialist team at Caravan Tech offer outstanding Caravan Body Repairs and Motorhome Body Repairs in East Sussex. No repair is too demanding or too minor for our expert team; we’ll have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time!

We provide a range of Caravan Body Repairs and Motorhome Body Repairs at our workshop in East Sussex, from damp repairs to floor repair. Please contact us about an assessment and cost.

Caravan and Motohome Damp Repairs

There are many ways your caravan or motorhome could have a leakage, resulting in a damp problem. As your caravan or motorhome ages, this could be as simple as a joint or seal giving way.

The trick is to catch it early. If a damp inspection is not carried out early, this could result in an extensive and expensive repair. It’s always best to have your vehicle checked at the first sign of damp or musty smells in your caravan or motorhome.

Caravan and Motorhome Panel Repairs

With many narrow A and B roads, we all know how difficult it can be to tow a caravan. At the first sign of panel damage, it’s best to get it inspected so we can check if any structural elements have been damaged, which could have caused seals to break, potentially resulting in water ingress. Our service includes GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) panel repairs.

Contact us so that one of the team members can conduct a damage report and provide an estimate for your caravan or motorhome repair.

Caravan and Motorhome Floor Repair

Your caravan floor can be damaged in numerous ways. From delamination from overweighted loading to water damage, these issues should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Caravan and Motorhome Dent Repair

It’s an easy mistake to dent your caravan. That’s why we provide filling and spraying services to get your caravan looking its best again! Book an appointment at the earliest opportunity to ensure any scratches or dents don’t get any worse.

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