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Body Repair Workshop

Caravan Bodywork Repairs

Caravan Bodywork Repairs

Caravan Tech provide excellent bodywork repairs. Our specialist team work tirelessly to set straight a variety of faults with both Caravans and Motorhomes, and get them looking good as new!

Our bodyshop team offer the following repairs:

  • Panel repairs
  • Water ingress repairs
  • GRP
  • Filling and spraying
  • Caravan damp repair
  • Caravan dent repair
  • Repair caravan floors

Take a look at some of the repairs our expert team have done by clicking here

Caravan Damp Repair Cost

From time to time when you caravan gets older it may get a damp problem, either a joint or seal may give may. If not caught by a damp inspection early enough you may require section of the caravan to be cut out and replaced. Caravan damp repair cost can be exspensive if left to long. It's always best to book in as soon as you notice any damp or musty smells in your caravan. Speak to one of our team about an assessment and cost.

Caravan Panel Repairs Costs

We all know towing a caravan can be tricky from time to time with tight spaces to navigate and not to mention other road users on narrow A & B roads. At the first sign of any panel damage, it's best to get it inspected to see if it's boken any structural elements to your caravan and any seals that may cause water ungress. Book in with one of our experts for a damage report and an esimate for your caravan repair.

Caravan Floor Repair Costs

The floor of your caravan can be damged in many ways from delamination which can be caused by heavy banging on the floor or over weighted loading of the floor to water damage. It's always best to get these issues fixed as soon as they are noticed to make sure they do not get worse. Speak to any of our experienced repair team to get a full assessment.

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