Whale 12mm Equal Tee (Pair)


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A pair of Equal Tee Connectors for the Whale water system pipework. Whale plumbing products are now designed with the Whale Quick Connect model in mind. This means that fittings and pipework can be installed easily, and without fuss, in just two steps. It also means that parts can be taken off and re-used elsewhere when needed. Whale Quick Connect parts guarantee you a reliable plumbing system that has been purposefully designed with mobile systems in mind.


  • Simple, two-step installation - no tools needed.
  • Unique 'double gripper design' provides secure pipework, even at higher pressures.
  • The 'cage collet' prevents leaks where fittings are installed close to tight bends.
  • Internal support ring to hold O Ring in position.
  • High integrity single piece moulding ensures strong fittings.
  • Outer sleeve incorporates the collet cover to prevent accidental pipework release.
  • Pipework includes measured cut marks, designed to be a visual guide to ensure that fittings are fitted correctly.

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