Vango Galli II Compact SkyLiner


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New to Vango is their range of SkyLiners! Each are tailored to specific awnings and tents, simply installed inside and onto the SkyTrack System. Once installed on the celling, the SkyLiner provides an internal layer to reduce the effect of condensation and creates a thermal barrier. On a warmer day, the SkyLiner can provide extra shade and helps to keep conditions cooler, on a colder day the extra layer can help to filter out the cooler air; maintaining warmth. This SkyLiner is designed for the Vango Galli II Compact Driveaway Awning.

The patterned design provides a home-like comfort and decoration with inside the awning. Supplied with pre-attached Skyhooks allow you to simply slide the SkyLiner on to the SkyTrack® System!


  • Fits Galli II Compact Low / Tall awnings
  • Fits Galli II Compact RSV Low / Tall awnings
  • Attaches via the Skytrack II system
  • Reduces condensation
  • Creates thermal barrier on colder days

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