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Thetford aquakem blue concentrate is a powerful and highly effective 2.5 times concentrated toilet fluid for the waste holding tank of your cassette or portable toilet.ortable toilet. Comparing Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated to the original Aqua Kem Blue, several product aspects have been significantly improved. Two of the key changes are the improved liquefication for easier tank emptying and the stronger reduction of gas build-up. Thetford has also kept familiar features from the original Aqua Kem Blue such as the number of dosages and the universally loved fragrances. The odour control performance of Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated products is at the same outstanding level as the original product range. A 0.78L bottle of Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated offers up to 13 dosages for 65 days of use, the same as a 2L bottle of Aqua Kem Blue. This means the new Concentrated product range will deliver more power per drop in comparison with the original Aqua Kem Blue.
1 x Thetford Aqua Rinse Concentrate (750ml)
Thetford Aqua Rinse Concentrated is a highly effective, 2 times concentrated, fresh smelling fluid for the flush water tank of your Cassette and portable toilet. Safe for both plastic and ceramic toilet bowls . Ensures a more effective and smoother flush, keeps your toilet bowl shinier and prevents limescale build up.


prevents lime scale build up in the flush water tank

keeps your toilet bowl shinier

ensures a more effective smoother flush

outstanding odour control


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