Ranger power box transformer PA10


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The RANGER PA10 has been designed to provide a DIRECT Power Supply to the 12v Services in a caravan or boat when fed from a 220/240v mains supply. Its torroidal transformer made to BS3535 has an output of about 120watts. The RANGER'S 12v Output is sufficiently smoothed to enable it to operate fluorescent lights, water pump, and other 12v services efficiently. If a battery is installed, the RANGER will charge the battery at a variable rate depending on the power demand being required of the 12v system. It will not overcharge a battery in good condition. The RANGER will automatically reduce to a trickle charge, as the battery charges up.


  • Provides direct sufficiently smoothed 12vDC from 220/240v mains to operate 12v equipment efficiently plus controlled battery charging when required.

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Ranger PA10

I have used these in the past when upgrading previous trailer Tent electrics and found them very reliable. Unfortunately Due to site electrics, my current caravan had it's transformer fried. After much deliberation I decide to fit one of these to replace the Powerpart unit that was blown. The difference was evident on our first trip away. The florescent tubes which were dim and I thought were in need of change are now nice and bright and my battery charges better too.

by Tom Anstruther, East Lothian
Saturday 21 September 2019 at 10:09

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