Quest Elite 22mm Windlock Clamp Bag of 5


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This is the pole clamp that awnings, porches, stand alones and lightweight owners have been waiting for. A quick and easy way to help secure your awning against the elements.

A patented design means that they combine the ease of use of an easy clamp, but also include the locking ability of a screw which gives you an easy to use clamp that can be locked more securely than any other clamp on the market.

High quality plastics have been used in the manufacturing of the clamp and it has been further strengthened by adding carbon fibre into the moulding meaning you get the added strength from carbon fibre without the added expense. This clamp is extremely easy to use, yet gives unparalleled locking strength meaning that your awning is just as easy to use as before, yet more secure even in windy conditions.

Fits any standard 25mm pole and is the ideal replacement for every other clamp on the market. After using these clamps you will wonder why they have not been around earlier.


Easy Lock Clamp.
Additional Thumb Screw Lock.
High Quality Plastic.
Reinforced with Carbon Fibre.

Materials and Dimensions
Length: 9 cm.
Height: 5 cm.
Fit: 22mm Poles.

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