Propex Malaga 5E Gas & Electric Water Heater


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A high capacity water storage heater, the Propex Malaga 5 Water Heater is available either as a powerful, standard gas heater or is included with the added advantage of a 750 watt electric heating element (The Malaga E). Whichever version of the Propex Malaga 5 Water Heater you decide upon, you're guaranteed a product with a fast and efficient supply of hot water (so showering in tour vans or caravans will be a breeze).

This Propex Water Heater is also suitable for installation in boats used exclusively on Inland Waterways (i.e Class 1 and 2) so long as they're mounted in a suitable position. As the Malaga 5 Water Heater is also a room sealed appliance, it conforms to Boat Safety Requirements.

A Water Heater with Micro-Processor Controller Electronics

For accurate digital control of the safety functions and heater operations, the Malaga 5 Water Heater is equipped with the latest Propex electronics to provide you with complete ease of management. With a switch panel that features a 3 position switch with which to select power options (i.e gas only, gas and 230v etc.) and an LED that can indicate when the gas burner is operating as well as highlighting fault conditions, the Propex Malaga 5 Water Heater provides optimal usability and control.


Propex Malaga 5E Electric LPG Gas Water Storage Heater features:

  • Large capacity (13L) for longer showering and washing facilities
  • Efficient gas burner for a faster warm up
  • Heat up time from 15 to 70°C: 28 mins using gas + electric, 43 mins using gas only, and 64 mins using electric only
  • 750W element (on Malaga E) can be used alone or with gas burner for quicker hot water
  • Small flue terminal for outwardly neat appearance
  • Reassuringly safe to use (combustion products completely sealed from caravan interior)
  • All controls accessible at the rear of the unit for easy installation and maintenance
  • Electronic control for quick and easy burner supervision and usage
  • Automatic overheat cut out (with reset capability)
  • Compact size providing more space to route pipe work and ducting where needed
  • 12mm Water Connections
  • 8mm Gas Connections

Water Supply & Installation Requirements:

  • The heater will operate satisfactorily on either a system where the pump is controlled by the tap micro switches or one controlled by a pressure switch.
  • It must not be connected to a mains water supply.
  • Water connections can be provided to suit a range of standard fittings.
  • Reinforced or semi rigid pipe must be used.
  • Heater should be floor mounted (or suitably supported) as normal in the bed box
  • Flue terminal position shouldn’t be closer than 300mm below an opening window or 600mm from a vertical corner
  • Clearances required for installation and servicing are as seen from inside the caravan
  • Maximum water pressure 28 PSI (2 Bar) This is not suitable for 30 PSI pumps.

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