P V Logic 4w Fold-Up Solar panel


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4 watt 12 volt Fold up Battery maintainer complete with integrated stand. Comes with 2.5m extension cable with cocodile clips and 1.5m extension with in-car12v socket. When exposed to daylight the solar cell will instantly generate a voltage. The panel will work in all daylight conditions and is fully weather resistant.

Whether you are leaving your vehicle parked up for a long period of time, you can simply set-up the 4W FoldUp Portable Solar Panel for maintain and extending the life of your battery – ideal for use in the winter months! When coming to use your vehicle later you can be sure the battery will work when you need it the most!

Foldable design allows you to store the panel when not in use; you could place the unit within the boot or glove box for safe keeping. Encased in hard wearing ABS material and it can be used in all weather conditions – inside and out! Prop-out legs support the unit and give you a better angle to capture the light and features a built-in LED charge indicator.


  • size open 445 x 237 x 17mm
  • size closed 237 x229 x 34mm
  • weight 890g
  • 4w Pannel
  • 2.5 meter extension with crocodile clips
  • 1.2 meter extension with12v cigar type plug 
  • user manual

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