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Each Insect Repellent Patch contains 75mg of Thiamine, a natural vitamin, this works with the bodies own chemistry to create an invisible barrier that shields from biting insects. The Insect Repellent Patch is ideal for holidays, fishing, gardening, BBQ's, Picnics and all outdoor activies. We recommend use on children over the age of 12 months. Thiamine is very hard to obtain through a balanced diet as the cooking process destroys most of the vitamin. The body typically needs less than 2mg of Thiamine per day for a healthy diet; excess Thiamine is passed through the urine, breath and skin, the latter being important.


  • effective, easy to apply, safe
  • protection for children and adults from mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects
  • all over body protection for 36 hours without re applying
  • odourless, non greasy and undetectable when worn beneath clothing
  • prolonged protection from a lightweight small pack
  • no sprays or oily creams to apply.
  • forms an invisible barrier that biting insects want to avoid.
  • contains no deet or harmful chemicals.
  • protects from mosquitoes and other biting insects for up to 36 hours.
  • safe for all the family including infants from 12 months.
  • does not contain any harmful or potentially harmful pesticides.
  • will not lose effectiveness in water, even after or while showering or swimming.
  • non-greasy, totally undetectable when worn beneath clothing.
  • applied and removed in seconds without leaving any residue.
  • tested by the mosquito control board, queensland, australia and found to be
  • 96% effective!

1 Customer Review(s)

Not as advertised on web site

These patches are not Omezone they are Natural Patches sold elsewhere. Received today November 4th, patches expiry date is December 2015. I telephoned the company who told me to return the patches for a full refund. Not a happy camper as I specifically wanted Omezone and that is what is advertised on their web site and I need to use the patches in the New Year. Now I have to go to the trouble of packing them up and returning them. Don't waste your money. These patches need to have a much longer life.

by anonymous, UK
Wednesday 4 November 2015 at 12:11

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