Milenco Ford Mirror Protectors White


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''We have re-engineered this third generation of mirror protectors to give the highest level of protection. We have introduced a ribbed form to the outer edges of the protector. This design deflects objects for improved performance, it also acts to offer improved protection to the side indicator. Another innovation is the new multi-layer design with shell thickness up to 6mm thick in areas most commonly subjected to impact. Conforms to all Vehicle Safety Standards''


Care of your mirror protectors:

The mirror protectors are designed to give you years of reliable service. These instructions are for the best care of your mirror protectors.

Simply wash with soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals.

Under no circumstances should these protectors be polished with resin based polishes designed for cars painted surfaces.

Do not Paint Seal. This will severely degrade the surface.

Products which are designed to protect your vehicle paint work must not be used or they will severely degrade the surface finish.


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