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The NEW Kampa Dometic Twin 6/4mm Drive-Away Kit has dual beading 6mm and 4mm kador to connect your awning to almost any awning rail or wind-out awning on the market - removing the confusion of different connection sizes. The Twin Drive-Away Kit includes 3 x 1 metre lengths of figure of 8 sections and a 3 metre length of double edge twin kador. To use, simply slide the figure of 8 sections onto the edge of your awning and the 6mm only side of kador strip onto the figure of 8. The Twin 6mm and 4mm side of the kador will then slide into your vehicle connection whether this is a C-Channel Rail, Reimo Multi Rail, Windout Awning or VW Factory Rail.

To drive-away from your awning loosen off the front straps before sliding the kador strip out and rolling up or pegging down your connection tunnel.


  • Figure of 8: 3 x 1 metre lengths - 6mm Ø
  • Kador Strip: 3 metres of double edge kador - 6mm to 6/4mm

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