Isabella Typhoon Storm Sash


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Isabella Typhoon Storm Sash strap are heavy-duty guylines for stormy conditions. They are available in a set of three, each 3 metres long. They attach to the Isabella awning leather Typhoon eyelets that are on the side and front of some models of the Isabella awning range.

For this low price you will get 3 storm straps, each 3 metres long and with Isabella guy rope adjuster. Guy rope is grey with orange slash pattern. The adjuster, on the other hand, is made of chunky wood, 9cm long with Isabella logo. Altogether, it makes a stylish and elegant addition to your awning, which will also protect it in inclement weather. 

It is recommended to put one storm strap on each side of the awning and one on the centre to fit to the leather typhoon eyelets fitted in some Isabella awnings. 


  • 3 per pack

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