Isabella Isafix Clamp 26mm


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Isabella expect these to be high on the list of " must haves" for customers who want to upgrade their frame this season.

These clamps are suitable for all fibreglass/ carbonx frames. that's all isabella since 1989 and all venturas - plus other manufacturers too!If you want to stick with your existing awning for "one more year" the urge to upgrade will be to hard to resist!The new isafix fits easily onto all isabella frames and replaces the  telescopic couplings & wing nuts for easy and effective tensioning of  awning frames.The isafix comes in two sizes, packed in sets of 3 so that some or all of the frame clamps can be replaced.  Simply twist and pull off the existing clamp. push isafix onto the thicker pole ( it may be necessary to twist and push,  always take care when handling exposed frames - fibre can cause itching).  Replace the thinner pole! the isafix clamp can be adjusted with a screwdriver for the correct tension.With isafix in place securing the frame position has never been easier. with a one touch & one handed lever to operate - a discreet "click" in the knock proof clamp tells you that the  isafix is locked.Whatever the temperature or tension the lever pressure creates and immovable hold. the isafix can be used with the tensioning tool "hercules twin".


  • 3 per pack

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