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Only the gaslow refillable cylinders have been designed in 6kg and 11kg sizes specifically to fit all caravans and motorhomes. They are the only ones to be european approved and carrying a full 15 year warranty* on the complete system, including the non-rubber, stainless steel filler hoses.

For complete safety, the specially designed and european pi approved filler valves automatically shut off the gas when the cylinder is 80% full - preventing the dangers associated with overfilling.

Available from and simply installed by your local dealer, you can just pull up at one of the thousands of autogas service stations throughout the uk and europe and fill up just like your car! if you have a twin cylinder system, not only will it fill up the empty but top up your nearly full one at the same time - you simply pay for what you use.

Try the system with one cylinder - using your standard cylinder with it. you can easily add a second gaslow refillable at any time as it needs no installation. When you come to replace your van you have the simple option of taking the
whole system with you!

* after 15 years you must take your cylinder(s) to your local dealer who will exchange them for new cylinders charging a replacement fee.


  • 6KG Bottle - £180.99
  • 11KG Bottle - £220

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