Dometic RMD 10.5T Absorption refrigerator


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This new generation absorption refrigerator gives you unprecedented convenience: automatic selection of the energy source (12 V, 230 V or gas), a door that opens to the left and right, and a versatile interior with plenty of room for your goodies. On top of all that, its cooling power is the best-in-class!

The 10-series absorption refrigerators offer a unique benefit: the double-hinged door. Thanks to this patented solution, they can be opened to the left and right as required, without the need to change the hinge. Simply use one of the two convenient and elegant aluminium handles, which extend over the full height of the fridge. The intuitive door handle extends across the entire height of the refrigerator and enables easy opening at any height. A two-point locking system keeps the door securely in place at all times. A new and elegantly designed TFT display ensures optimal readability of refrigerator settings and is easily controlled with an ergonomic knob.

The Dometic RMD 10.5T refrigerator truly leaves nothing to be desired. It's the first ever smart refrigerator which allows operation from the central control unit. A chic design adds glamour to your mobile kitchen, with elegant flat, flush-fitting doors opening to a versatile interior with smart storage solutions for dairies, meat, fruit, vegetables and even wine bottles. The double-hinged doors allow maximum convenience in any space as the doors can be opened left and right using the full-height aluminium handles. In terms of performance, the 10-series Dometic RMD is the best in its class. Tested in the extreme heat of the Australian desert, it maintained its superb cooling performance – a proven reliability that gives users the freedom to travel anywhere!


  • Double-hinged door – opens left and right without the need to change the hinge
  • Best-in-class cooling performance – tested and proven in the Australian outback
  • Standard-depth cabinet with two separate doors for fridge and freezer
  • Ease of use with intuitive TFT soft-touch controls recessed into the door
  • Elegant aluminium door handles extending over the complete fridge height
  • Two-point locking mechanism on either side for increased safety
  • Flat door with customisable decor panel and variable thickness (1.2 mm – 3 mm)

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