Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ Chef Pan Combo


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The powerful round stainless steel burner is piezo ignited and provides finely adjustable temperature control. Lid off for grilling, lid on for indirect oven type cooking. The dome lid has a sensitive temperature gauge which allows you to oven roast, smoke meats, steam or bake with absolute confidence. Once you have finished it packs down into individual storage bags CHEF PAN
45cm diameter non stick pan is ideal for preparing paellas, risottos, pasta dishes, traditional breakfasts etc., BBQ/GRILL
46cm diameter Die cast non stick coated flat griddle ideal for fat free barbecuing of meat, fish, chicken or vegetables

46cm Nickel chrome plated pot stand to support most standard size pots

46cm Dome Lid acts as a windshield by hooking on to the side of the BBQ and is fitted with a thermometer and a convenient stay cool handle at the top of the dome. The dome lid has a sensitive temperature gauge which allows you to oven roast, smoke meats, steam or bake with absolute confidence. Once your finished it easily packs down into individual storage bags



  • Total Heat Output: 3.7KW
  • Gas Consumption: 270grams/h
  • Operating Pressure: 28mBar Butane/37mBar Propane
  • Dimensions Assembled: Length 69.6cm Breadth 69.6cm Height 93.4cm
  • Dimensions Packaged: Length 32.7cm Breadth 56.6cm Height 57.2cm
  • Weight: 12 kg

2 Customer Review(s)

Bonza barby mate

I had done quite a bit of research into non-charcoal barby options. I decided that gas barbies are definitely not for me. A friend has a Cobb which, while very impressive, does not have the length of cooking potential (eg if you want to cook a joint or a chicken, the bricks die off and there's nothing much you can do to revive it) I've just been testing my Carri Chef 2 out prior to an extended trip. Started off with simple steaks. Very good. You need to get the grid plate nice and hot before you start with the lid on, then sear the steaks. Came out really good first time. Then did a stir fry in the flat chef pan. Fried the meat first, then took it out while I did the onions and veg, then lobbed in some noodles and chinese sauce and chucked the meat back in. Again, it came out brilliant and was very easy to clean up after. Then did a full english breakfast - again in the chef pan. Blooming marvellous! Bacon first, then the eggs, then chucked some beans on to heat up. Would probably try toast in it as well next time as it's easy to keep things separate. Then last night, did a roast chicken in the roast pan. (In the rain incidentally!!) I was a little worried about the temperature but without cause. The temp indicator is pretty accurate and once it was up to temp, you only need it on lowest gas setting to maintain 170-180C We are using a Campingaz bottle we already had and it works fine. Quite good that it sits under the lower tray comfortably. So I'm totally confident it will be fine for our extended Scottish tour. The only downer is that it is quite bulky and heavy to have in the caravan (that's why I only gave it 4 1/2 out of 5) when travelling but I feel that is outweighed by its versatility and effectiveness. It's also simply a nice, good quality thing to use.

by Phil Atkin, Near Cambridge
Monday 24 August 2015 at 16:08

Fantastic bbq

I do already own a Cadac bbq and its a really.nice piece of equipment . I am taking the new one over to my apartment in Portugal as I am not able to get one over there and don't want any other bbq than this .

by Jane, Oxford
Wednesday 4 February 2015 at 16:02

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