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Bactafresh is an NCC verified effective anti-bacterial sanitiser for caravans, coaches, campervans & small rooms, designed to kill harmful contaminants, cleanses air conditioning systems leaving a fresh lemon scent.

The most logical way to decontaminate a vehicle or room, quickly, cost effectively and thoroughly without any additional labour costs. Simply place the can in the space to be cleansed and press the button. Bactafresh does the rest!

Ethanol is recommended by The World Health organisation and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for the control of Coronavirus.

Suitable for any automotive vehicle, leisure vehicles, caravans, small rooms and boats etc.

BS EN 1276 – Kills Bacteria

BS EN 14476 – Kills Viruses

BS EN 1650 – Kills Fungi


  • This powerful anti-bacterial refresh product is easy to use and proven to kill a broad range of bacteria, fungus and yeasts while leaving a pleasant citrus and long lasting aroma.
  • Ideal for any small room in the home, office, rental property, hotel room, store room
  • Ideal for any vehicle (with or without air conditioning), such as taxi, car, leisure vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, boats, HGV’s, public transport, plant machinery etc.
  • Contains up to 70% Ethanol

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