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Aqua Clean Midi Tabs Water Purifying Tablets Pack 32, each tablet purifies 25 Litres. It is essential that the water we drink is uncontaminated and free from disease producing organisms. In addition it must be palatable and free of odours. Aqua clean Tabs provide a convenient way of purifying water for individual use.


Add one tablet to every 25 litres of water when filling the water tank or container. Leave for 15 minutes before use. All stored water used for drinking, cooking, ice cubes, washing salads, fruit and vegetables, washing and cleaning teeth should be treated with Aqua Clean Tabs. Kills Bacteria, Bacteria Spores, Fungi, Giardia, Cysts, Protozoa, Algae and Viruses and protects against commonly reconised diseases such as Typhoid, Dysentry, Cholera, Polio and Diarrhoea.

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